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Photo by Catherine Wechsler.


It is done. I'll write a real post about it all soon, but for now I am grateful at how beautifully it all came together. How our families (blood and chosen) and community joined us as we shared our love for each other and for them. It was truly a thing of wonder.

Laptop skin

Art by haikujaguar. Skin by Zazzle.

I'd asked her if she could put an image up for me to turn into a background for my laptop, which I use to play WoW on and other various non-work pursuits. And she did! And this is it!

My lovely laptop skin!

Home again home again

So this was the first time in a million years that I've been camping. The group I hung out with was in an unheated cabin and had a wash house not very far from our door, but it was down a rocky slope so you pretty much needed to either have good footing or wear your boots. I choose to wear my hiking boots because if my eyes aren't fully awake, my footing is meh.

And the camp is a YMCA camp... with bunk beds and mattresses which are just a suggestion of padding over the plywood of the bunk beds.

This morning, I realized that my hips were not yelling at me for sleeping on my side because I was in my own bed. And then I realized I could get up to pee any time I wanted to and (a) didn't have to put on more clothes, (b) didn't have to put on my glasses, and (c) didn't have to put on my hiking boots. What a strange and wonderful realization that was.

The downside, of course, is that Malden seems even louder than it was before we left. I got very used to the sounds of leaves rustling and the sounds of moving water. Cars and horns and gas stations noises seem so alien. Even after being home for more than 12 hours.

It was also odd to sleep in a room by myself again. I sort of got used to hearing other people around me.

It turns out that I liked camping again (at least in a cabin) and would definitely do it again. Even without the unseasonable temps.

Arisia hotel reservations are OPEN!

Hotel reservations are now open!

The URL is: http://2012.arisia.org/Hotel

King (one bed) rooms are $119 per night. Double (two beds) rooms are $144. All rooms are charged ~14.5% tax. The Westin does not permit more than four people to share a hotel room.

NOTE: The reservation URLs don't seem to work with some versions of the Opera and Google Chrome Browsers, but they work fine with MSIE and FireFox.


So, I'm getting a custom pair of headphone thingies made by yummygirl, but they fit over the icky iPod default headphones. Does anyone have a set of those that they're not using? I gave mine away because they made my ears so sad.

They'd get a good home! :)

Ah, the timing of DailyOM again...

Posted without permission...

July 29, 2011
Purpose of Relationships
Virgo Daily Horoscope

You may feel conflicted and confused about your relationships today. You may be uncertain whether you are experiencing feelings of love or friendship, and this could cause anxiety when you make decisions. You might also find yourself indecisive about taking a friendship to a new level or questioning whether you should end a relationship. One good way to ease this uncertainty is to spend time quieting your mind so you can better connect with your inner self today. If you can consciously release your worries and allow yourself to go into a quiet, relaxed state, you will feel more alert and insightful and be able to assess your relationships with a more objective eye.

Taking time to reflect upon our relationships provides clarity about the quality of our connections with others. Because relationships are always shifting and changing, it can be difficult to ascertain the direction we want each one to go in. When we take time to quiet our minds and reflect on these connections, we tap into our inner wisdom and are able to determine which category each relationship best falls in our lives. There is no reason to make a relationship something it is not because every relationship whether it be romantic, friendly, or casual serves a purpose. Your indecision about your relationships can be resolved today by taking the time to listen to yourself to find the answers.

This is poignantly appropriate this week. heinleinfan and I are no longer speaking.


I got a Tumblr account a little while ago, but wasn't really sure what I wanted to put there. It's turned into where I talk about what my tattoos mean to me. I posted about my newest one today.

Why I need a new "dork" icon

(The little guy below the dork tattoo is one of those temporary tattoos.)